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New trailer unveiled for Heroes Reborn
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New trailer unveiled for Heroes Reborn

Fans of NBC's superhero action series Heroes were delivered some exciting news yesterday when the network premiered the first trailer for the series' upcoming reboot, Heroes Reborn.

The original show was a huge worldwide hit for NBC when it first aired in 2006, but after two seasons the show suffered from the unfortunate intervention of the Hollywood writers' strike and a disappointing third season eventually led the show to be cancelled.

Last year though rumours began to surface that a new, rebooted version of the show could be on the cards, with the show's creator Tim Kring hinting that a new-look version of Heroes could be on the way.

Last night the new trailer revealed some hints at a brand new cast, although there is one stalwart from the original show that looks set to return; the man the glasses himself, Noah Bennett, played once again by Jack Coleman.

Check out the new trailer below!


Heroes Reborn - The Extraordinary Among Us (Preview)

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