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Night At The Museum's Shawn Levy in talks to direct Minecraft movie
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Night At The Museum's Shawn Levy in talks to direct Minecraft movie

Shawn Levy, best known for directing the Night At The Museum trilogy, is in talks to direct a big-screen adaptation of the hugely successful computer game Minecraft. 

According to Variety, Warner Brothers, who bought the rights to turn the game into a movie in February, have approached Levy to develop the feature film. 

Minecraft is a sandbox indie game that was originally created by Swedish programmer Markus 'Notch' Persson. It is an open world game where players must mine various kinds of minerals out of the ground and then build things using those minerals, as well as protecting themselves for a slew of monsters, who come out during nightfall. 

Levy's latest instalment of Night At The Museum, Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb will be released into UK cinemas on December 19th. 

The film sees the likes of Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais reprise their roles from the first two flicks, with new recruits Rebel Wilson, Ben Kingsley, Dan Stevens and Rami Malek joining them, with Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan also returning for the new film. 

This instalment of the comedy is set in London. 

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