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Noel Clarke opens up about making Brotherhood and working on Duncan Jones’ new movie Mute
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Noel Clarke opens up about making Brotherhood and working on Duncan Jones’ new movie Mute

Brotherhood, the next chapter in the story that began with Kidulthood and was followed by Adulthood, is out now on DVD shelves (you can purchase it here).

In this new instalment we follow Sam Peel once again. He is still struggling to come to terms with the events that saw him jailed for murder and now finds himself the target of local youths looking to get even, a conflict that forces him to dip into his past and get some old friends together...

As the film hits the shops we spoke to writer, director and star Noel Clarke about making it and his new role on Duncan Jones’ new sci-fi project Mute...


When did you decide you wanted to do a third movie? Was it always planned?

“It was never planned. The idea came after I’d had my children and thinking about how it’s changed me as a person and that got me thinking about how it would change Sam. If you add 10 years to that guy’s life, where is he? I wanted to know and reflect the changes having kids will give you.”


Was it difficult to separate yourself from the story and not inject too much of yourself into it?

“It wasn’t difficult no. This isn’t an autobiographical film, but there are elements of myself in there.”


Did you find it hard to dip back into that mindset? Eight years is a long time between movies...

“It was fine, the story is older, the characters are older, I wasn’t trying to be that young guy with that mindset, I didn’t need to make the guy hip or cool, he’s a different guy now.”


Eight years is a long time, did you have anything you particularly wanted to show in how modern life has changed?

“Not really. London has changed a lot so I wanted to reflect that, things are tougher for working class people now, gentrification has changed everything.”


These movies have you writing, directing and starring, is it daunting to wear all those different hats on set?

“I love it. I love creating and projects like this give me so much room to work. I really enjoy working across all the roles.”


Finally, what are you up to next?

“I just finished one thing that I can’t talk about and I’ve been in Berlin shooting Mute with Duncan Jones. It’s got Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux. He was awesome to work with, a great director, doing really well and he made making that movie a lot of fun.”

Brotherhood is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray in hmv’s online store, click here for more details.

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