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Now You See Me 2: What You Need To Know
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Now You See Me 2: What You Need To Know

Louis Letterier's 2013 film Now You See Me was one of that year's surprise hits, captivating audiences by combining the traditional heist movie with a magical twist in which four of the world's greatest magicians are brought together by a mysterious figure to pull off a daring robbery and outwit the FBI.

Now, three years on, the four horseman are back and the film's sequel is about to land in stores. Now You See Me 2 arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday (November 8th), here's everything you need to know...


Who's in it?

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Dave Franco all reprise their roles as three of the Four Horsemen, but with Isla Fisher's character having left the group she is replaced this time around by Lizzy Caplan. Mark Ruffalo also returns, as do Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, while the biggest new addition to the cast is Daniel Radcliffe, a man with more experience than most when it comes to on-screen magic...


And who's directing?

This time around its Jon M. Chu who replaces Letterier in the director's chair.


What's the plot?

A year on from confounding the FBI the remaining members of the four Horsemen are in hiding, awaiting instructions for the cabal of magical secret-holders known as The Eye, to whom they were recruited by the first film's chief puppet-master, Dylan Rhodes (Ruffalo). A restless J. Daniel Atlas (Eisenberg) attempts to find and contact The Eye himself, but although his efforts are fruitless the group are eventually handed a new mission via Rhodes, this time targeting a tech entrepeneur named Owen Case (Ben Lamb).

Case has a new piece of software which, unbeknownst to its users, secretly harvests their data for Case's own benefit. The Horsemen successfully gatecrash the launch party for the new software, but are interrupted when a mysterious figure reveals not only that Jack Wilder (Franco) isn't really dead, but also exposes Dylan Rhodes' role as an FBI mole, forcing him to go on the run.

The horsemen escape to Macau but are captured by men ostensibly working for Case, one of whom just so happens to be Chase McKinley, the twin brother of Merritt McKinley (Harrelson, who plays both roles). They then learn that Chase's employer is another prodigious technology wiz named Walter Mabry (Radcliffe), the former business partner of Owen Case who faked his own death after Case conned him out of his holding in the company. Mabry is after revenge and needs the help of the Horseman to get it by enlisting them to steal a computer chip that is vital to Case's new software. But Mabry isn't the only one who has an axe to grind and the Horsemen soon discover that some familiar faces are also looking to get their own back...


Does it deliver?

Despite the change of director this time around, as well as the replacement of one of the key characters, Now You See Me 2 manages to retain much of the first film's atmosphere, thanks in large part to the on-screen chemistry between the main characters. Lizzy Caplan does a good job of filling Isla Fisher's shoes and Radcliffe is a great addition to what was already an impressive cast.

The storyline does require a few more leaps of faith this time, using the film's themes of magic and illusion to navigate some the film's more improbable plot lines, but like any good magic show, if you can suspend your disbelief for a moment when required then you'll find plenty to enjoy here. You can find the trailer for the film below...


Now You See Me 2
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