January 29, 2014

Out Of The Furnace… Five Reasons You'll Love It
by Sam
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Out Of The Furnace… Five Reasons You'll Love It

Out Of The Furnace, the new drama starring Christian Bale as a troubled man searching for his younger brother, hits cinemas today. We caught an early screening last week and have gathered up five reasons why we think you'll be gripped by this gritty drama.


It features an incredibly unnerving villain…

You might have seen his supreme abilities in No Country for Old Men, The Thin Red Line or Natural Born Killers, but this is Woody Harrelson like never before. Portraying a psychotic, fearless and bone-tough mountain dweller to amazing effect, the actor spends the film simply oozing with hatred and violence. While watching his character Harlan prowl around in a snakeskin bubble of total power, we’re left without nails to bite in a maximum of 10 minutes. Believable and absolutely compelling throughout all the riotous doings, killings, and unremitting venom, Harrelson almost steals the entire show.


Christian Bale delivers his most outstanding performance since American Psycho

Granted, The Prestige was fantastic and Bale shined bright as a dark magician, yet not since his role as Patrick Bateman in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel has the Welsh-born actor delivered such a hefty emotional drive in his performance. Upon discovering a piece of distressing news about his reckless but cherished younger brother, Bale’s facial details give off passive resentment at first, but his character Russell is cunning: revenge to him is most effectively served cold, calm, and with the allowance of time for the wrongdoer to suffer. Prepare for some of the most captivating gun-wielding pursuits you’ve ever seen.


Scott Cooper’s second movie as director displays undeniable talent…

He’s acted in a dozen or so little-known films (bar the second Austin Powers) from the late 90s onwards, but we’re under the belief that Scott Cooper’s real passion and flair lies with a career in directing. Debuting with the applauded Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges in 2009, the relatively young Virginia native has a sharp eye for producing heart-pumping sequences and framing brutal violence in a revealing and accessible fashion.

Out of the Furnace
Out of the Furnace Scott Cooper


The characters are all enticing enough to make up for certain sleeper moments…

One of the finest things about Out of the Furnace is the way it paints an honest – albeit slightly far-fetched – picture of the way covert towns in America still operate today. For example, watching Harlan’s savagery, alongside his friends and counterparts’ obvious feelings of terror towards him, displays the unquestionable law of authority held by some figures in such backwards areas of habitation. The film begins to slip into a brief void of less action and more contemplation just over midway through, but as conversation overrides gritty ferocity, you the audience get a good chance to figure out what you love and detest about each role.

Casey Affleck’s career-best performance (so far)…

We’ve seen him come to prominence in Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen, and now the younger Affleck brother is back to prove his knack for the old acting game triumph’s that of his elder brother, Ben. Casey Affleck plays the missing Rodney Baze Jr. – likeable ex-army ‘tough kid’ with a thirst for boxing and a penchant for financial blunders.


Out Of The Furnace is in cinemas from today (January 29).

Out of the Furnace - Official Trailer

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