May 28, 2014

Out Of The Furnace: What You Need To Know
by Tom
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Out Of The Furnace: What You Need To Know

Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson and Zoe Saldana lead dark as you like thriller Out Of The Furnace, which comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (June 2nd). Here’s what you need to know about this gritty epic…


What’s the plot?

It goes a little bit like this, in a dead end town in Pennsylvania, brothers Russell and Rodney Baze have always struggled to get by. Russell, after a long stretch in prison, is trying to rebuild his life with a steady job at the local mill, while Rodney is battling demons and gambling debts by undertaking gruelling bare knuckle fights. Struggling to cope with their respective situations, the pair find themselves drawn in a deadly deal to settle their debts…


Who’s in it?

The Dark Knight himself Christian Bale leads the line as older brother Russell, with Casey Affleck taking the part of Rodney. Zoe Saldana plays Russell’s former girlfriend Lena with Forest Whitaker taking the role of Wesley, the town’s police chief. Woody Harrelson takes the role of local drug kingpin Harlan DaGroat, with Willem Dafoe playing John Petty, another man struggling with debts and addiction. A pretty starry cast then…


Does it deliver?

Hopes for this film were ludicrously high and it didn’t quite match them. It’s a solid, engaging thriller full of good performances and a gritty script. A good film rather than a great one, but still well worth checking out. You can read our full review here


Out Of The Furnace is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (June 2nd).

Out Of The Furnace Official Trailer #1

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