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Paper Towns - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Paper Towns - Five Reasons You'll Love It

John Green, the man that gave us the sensation that was The Fault In Our Stars, makes it on to the big screen for a second time with coming of age drama Paper Towns.   

Paper Towns follows the quiet and dependable Quentin on his quest to find his charismatic neighbour and long-time crush Margo Roth Spiegelman, who is played by the mischievous model turned actress Cara Delevingne. After a night of heart pumping pranks and adventure together, Margo disappears leaving behind mysterious clues for Quentin to figure out. Usually always one to stick to the rules, Q abandons all his previous fears and heads out with his friends on an exciting road trip adventure in search of Margo.

A funny and entertaining coming of age story with a refreshing ending that avoids the typical clichés of a teenage romantic comedy. The movie hits DVD shelves on Monday (December 14th), but we went to an early screening and have put together five reasons we think you’ll love it.


Nat Wolff steps up to leading man with ease...

Starring in John Green’s previous adaption as the sidekick to Ansel Elgort's leading man, Wolff really comes into his own here as the leading man. He’s sweet, funny and on top form from start to finish. This won't be the last time you see his name at the top of a movie poster. 


Cara Delevingne makes an excellent troublemaker...

Making her big debut as a lead character playing the mysterious Margo, she brings not just a convincing American accent to the role but the kind of infectious energy that will make you want to pull pranks on people. Hand over that spray can!


There’s some great new talent stepping to the plate...

Austin Abrams and Justice Smith who play Quentin’s quick-witted best friends Ben and Radar are hilarious, there's so much chemistry between the three of them. 


The soundtrack is awesome...

The award winning soundtrack producers who put together the excellent The Fault in our Stars soundtrack are back and they've outdone themselves. Mixing previously released material from HAIM, Vampire Weekend, The War on Drugs, Santigold with some new offerings including ‘Search Party’ by Sam Bruno and tracks from the main man himself Nat Wolff and his brother Alex, the music will sweep you up on the mystery and adventure.


Watch out for a cameo appearance from a previous John Green favourite…

This time firmly on both of his own legs, you might recognise the petrol station clerk who is a big fan of dragon tattoos…


Paper Towns is released on DVD on Monday (December 14th). 


Paper Towns
Paper Towns

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