What You Need To Know - October 26, 2015

Pay The Ghost - What You Need To Know
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Pay The Ghost - What You Need To Know

Nicolas Cage suffers a family tragedy on Halloween when his son goes missing, but soon discovers that there might be something far more sinister at work. It’s new chiller Pay The Ghost and here is everything you need to know about it... 


What’s The Plot? 

We begin in early New York  on Halloween and witness a woman being forced to watch her children be burned at the stake and then killed herself after being accused of being a witch. We then learn that on every Halloween since then the woman’s ghost has taken three children and placed them in an alternate world, a world from which they have a year to escape or are trapped forever.  

We then cut to present day New York and Professor Mike Cole and  his estranged his wife, who are grief stricken after their son is taken during a Halloween parade. In the weeks after the couple become haunted by cryptic images and strange messages, signs which lead them to a special Halloween ceremony, but can they find their son and bring him back?  


Who’s In It? 

Nicolas Cage leads the way, but there are also supporting turns from The Walking Dead and Into The Storm’s Sarah Wayne Callies, Veronica Ferres, Lauren Beatty, Jack Fulton, and Elizabeth Jeanne le Roux 


Does It Deliver? 

If you're looking for something for Halloween, this is a solid bet. 


Pay The Ghost is released on DVD on Monday (October 26th).


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What You Need To Know

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