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Penny Dreadful to end after three seasons
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Penny Dreadful to end after three seasons

Penny Dreadful is to end after three seasons. 

The show which starred Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Harry Treadaway, reimagined some of literature’s most famous characters, including Dr Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and figures from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, all brought together in Victorian London. 

The show was created by John Logan, who has written both Skyfall and Spectre, who confirmed in a statement that the series will not be returning. 

He said: "I created Penny Dreadful to tell the story of a woman grappling with her faith, and with the demons inside her. For me the character of Vanessa Ives [played by Green] is the heart of this series. From the beginning, I imagined her story would unfold over a three-season arc … To have had fans that have embraced us so passionately has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my career."

Penny Dreadful will finish its run on TV this week. You can check out the show's previous series and pre-order the third and final season here in our online store. 

Penny Dreadful: Seasons One and Two
Penny Dreadful: Seasons One and Two Eva Green

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