News - February 17, 2016

Police Academy star George Gaynes dies aged 98
by Tom
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Police Academy star George Gaynes dies aged 98

George Gaynes, best known for his roles in Police Academy and Punky Brewster, has died at the age of 98. 

The actor, who fans will best remember as Commandant Lassard in the Police Academy films as well as Punky Brewster’s eccentric foster dad Henry Warnimont, passed away on Monday (February 15th). 

Gaynes' daughter  Iya Gaynes Falcon Brown confirmed that Gaynes had passed away in her home in North Bend, Washington.

The actor was born George Jongejans in Helsinki in 1917 and served the Dutch Royal Navy during World War II before moving to the US to pursue an acting career.

He enjoyed a successful but modest career with a series of small roles before his breakthrough in the Police Academy films. He also starred in Oscar winning comedy Tootsie. 

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