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Production on Frozen 2 to begin this month
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Production on Frozen 2 to begin this month

Production on the hugely anticipated sequel to Frozen is set to begin later this month.

Kristen Bell, who voiced Anna in the massively successful animated movie, has revealed that the movie's script is almost finished and they will begin recording this month. 

Bell, who is currently promoting The Boss, a new comedy where she stars alongside Melissa McCarthy, told Collider that work on the sequel is about to begin.

Asked about the status of the sequel, she said: "They’ve just written it and they’re still doing tweaks, but I think we should be recording this month. The story is great, and they exude quality. What I know about that whole team is that they wouldn’t just put something out to put it out. That’s why it took them so long to even announce that we were doing a second one."

She continued: "Generally when you have a first successful movie you want to make a second one. It took them a while because they wanted to figure out what story they needed to tell and what would be important and engaging and I think they found it.”

Frozen featured the voices of Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff as well as Bell and told the story of Anna, a fearless princess who sets out with an iceman, his loyal pet reindeer, and a snowman to find her estranged sister. 

To check out Frozen in hmv's online store, click on the icon on the right-hand side of the page. There is currently no release date scheduled for the sequel. 

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