January 16, 2014

R.I.P.D and the five weirdest cop films ever made...
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R.I.P.D and the five weirdest cop films ever made...

Next week sees the release of R.I.P.D on DVD, the buddy cop flick stars Ryan Reynolds as a recently deceased police officer who is forced to team up with Jeff Bridges as part of a duo who work for the Rest in Peace Department. It's a strange, wacky buddy cop movie that endured a tough time at the box office, but might well stand a better chance of finding a home on DVD.

In celebration of this, we've dug through the racks and picked out five more cop films that are even weirder than R.I.P.D. Let's dive in…


Theodore Rex

As bizarre pairings go, this one is a total doozy. Released back in 1995 and set in an alternate future, it stars Whoopi Goldberg as Katie Coltrane, a tough police officer who is paired with a talking dinosaur. The duo then set out to investigate a series of killings of other dinosaurs, leading them to a ruthless billionaire who is apparently intent on creating a new ice age.

Amazingly, someone thought it was worth spending over $30 million on this film, money that mostly went down the drain when the film went straight to DVD (well, video at the time).


Alien Nation

Unlike the above disaster, this strange sci-fi meets police drama actually turned out to be a huge success. Released in 1988, the film features a Los Angeles, which is recovering after the arrival of an alien race known as newcomers. Set years after their arrival, the film starred James Caan as a veteran detective in Los Angeles who is partnered up with the first newcomer to become a cop, played by Homeland's Mandy Patinkin. The pair then set out to investigate the death of Caan's former partner.

More an allegory than a sci-fi thriller with its references to racism and the effects of immigration, this is, nonetheless, a bizarre cult classic which remains worth a view.


Turner & Hooch

We've already seen an A-Lister teaming up with a dinosaur, now we've got one teaming up with a dog. In Turner & Hooch, Tom Hanks plays Scott Turner, an obsessively neat police investigator, is lumbered with Hooch, a large and slobbery Dogue de Bordeaux who belonged to a friend of his who has recently been murdered.

Believing Hooch to be his only witness in the murder case, Turner takes him home and the pair strike up an unlikely partnership and friendship. Released back in 1989, the film's dated somewhat, but it's still very, very charming.

R.I.P.D. Robert Schwentke

Loose Cannons

This might be an even stranger film than Theodore Rex. Released in 1990, it starred Dan Ackroyd as a detective with a multiple personality disorder who teams up with a hard-nosed cop (played by Gene Hackman) to investigate a series of murders. In a twist, the murders are being carried out by the German chancellor-elect, who is having anyone who has seen a sex tape of Adolf Hitler killed. Right….

Asked about the film years later Ackroyd said "The movie should have been left in the landfill where it belongs", watch the trailer below and it's hard to disagree…


White Chicks

You can file this one more under boneheaded and stupid than weird, but it's a pretty odd proposition nonetheless. In this 2004 effort Wayans brothers Shawn and Marlon play FBI agents who are forced to go under cover as two spoiled daughters of a tycoon in order to protect some hotel heiresses from a kidnapping plot.

White-face drag and slapstick comedy meet here, but it's not a happy marriage. File under weird and unwatchable.


R.I.P.D is released on DVD & Blu-ray on Monday (January 20).

R.I.P.D. Official Trailer 2013

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