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Ralph Fiennes set to lead new Kingsman prequel
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Ralph Fiennes set to lead new Kingsman prequel

Ralph Fiennes looks set to star in a new prequel to Kingsman. 

According to reports over the weekend, director Matthew Vaughn is planning to shoot the third instalment in the franchise in 2019. 

The prequel will star Fiennes and newcomer Harris Dickinson and will be set during World War I. It will blend the fictional universe of the Kingsman with the real-life Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, which has had a rank known as Kingsman for more than a century.

Kingsman began with Kingsman: The Secret Service and starred newcomer Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, with Samuel L. Jackson as the movie's villain.

It told the story of Eggsy, a part-time ne'er-do-well and full-time loudmouth who looks all set for a life of petty crime until he is offered the chance to try out to become a Kingsman, a highly secretive, but extremely badass set of super spies, who step in to prevent international calamities.

The sequel found the Kingsman heading to the United States to join forces with Statesman, Kingsman's American counterpart, after Kingsman's headquarters is destroyed by Poppy, a member of the secret group The Golden Circle and a notorious criminal mastermind.

The third instalment will begin production in early 2019 and is due in UK cinemas in November 8th. 

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
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