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Release of Christopher Nolan's Tenet delayed 'indefinitely'
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Release of Christopher Nolan's Tenet delayed 'indefinitely'

Warner Bros. has announced that the release of Christopher Nolan's hotly-anticipated thriller Tenet is set to be delayed again, this time indefinitely. Originally set for release on Jun 17th, the arrival of Nolan's latest film had already been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and had been rescheduled to arrive on August 12th.

However, the studio has once again decided to reassess its plans for the film's release, citing “continued uncertainty” as a result of the pandemic, and it now appears that the release of the film – when it eventually arrives – is likely to be staggered across different territories, rather than opting for a 'day and date' release worldwide: "We are not treating Tenet like a traditional global day-and-date release, and our upcoming marketing and distribution plans will reflect that," said Toby Emmerich, the head of the studio's Pictures Group. Emmerich did add, however, that news of the film's new proposed release would be arriving “imminently”.

The news comes as a blow for cinema chains as Tenet was expected to be the first big movie release in US cinemas this summer – the initial delay to the film's release is understood to be one of the reasons many of the UK's cinema chains have rescheduled their plans for reopening.

New York and Los Angeles, which account for a huge proportion of cinema revenue in the US, are still unable to open their cinema doors due to persistently high infection rates, while China's largest cinema chain Cinemas in China only reopened its venues on Monday this week after months of closure.

It may well be that, as a result, the film arrives in Chinese cinemas before American ones, although there are still no confirmed release plans as yet and Nolan fans will likely be waiting a little longer than they'd hoped to set eyes on his latest film.

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