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Ricky Gervais is making a David Brent movie
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Ricky Gervais is making a David Brent movie

Ricky Gervais and the BBC are teaming up to make a new film featuring Gervais most famous character, The Office's David Brent. It's the latest chapter in the resurrection of Gervais' character following his re-emergence for last year's charity single for Comic Relief, Equality Street, recorded with rapper and comedian Doc Brown, as well as a series of Youtube videos showcasing Brent's guitar teaching abilities.

The film, entitled Life on the Road, is to be set 15 years after The Office and will follow Brent's new career as a travelling salesman trying to raise funds for a UK concert tour, as he follows his dream of becoming a rock star. The film will be shot in the mockumentary style that fans of The Office will know all too well.

The BBC is reportedly going into production on the new film next year, but no projected release date has been revealed by the corporation yet.


Equality Street - Official Video


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