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Ricky Gervais updates progress on David Brent: The Movie, including a new cast member
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Ricky Gervais updates progress on David Brent: The Movie, including a new cast member

Ricky Gervais has given an update on his progress with the feature-length film debut of David Brent, the beloved character he created for The Office. 

Gervais, who was recently seen on screen in Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb, revealed that comedian Doc Brown (also known as actor Ben Bailey-Smith) has been cast in the movie, which is titled Life On The Road. Brown and Gervais starred today in the short film The Return Of Brent and spoof video Equality Street. You can see them both at the bottom of the page. 

He told the Radio Times: "I have got David Brent's band [Foregone Conclusion] and I have cast Doc Brown. I make him come on the road with me to do some stuff. The idea is that I am probably holding him back because he's actually got a chance of making it as a musician but he's with this 50-year-old rep called David Brent."

Gervais added: "He thinks it'll be like Scorsese doing the Rolling Stones, but we'll show the full horror. He's had to take two weeks off work and cash in his pension, because the session musicians in the band are costing him more than he's getting in ticket sales."

Then asked if any of the cast of The Office, which included the likes of Martin Freeman and Mackenzie Crook, would make cameos, Gervais said no as it wouldn't be realistic, adding: "What kind of people stay in an office for 15 years? What documentary crew would be in the same office after 15 years?"

Also asked if he could reveal any more details of Brent's songs that would be included in the film, Gervais said: ""One has Brent singing about the plight of the Native American Indian. As you can imagine he got his information off Wikipedia and it's horrendously pompous and wrong and accidentally insulting. Another is called 'Don't Cry it's Christmas', it's Brent's Christmas song. It's a song about an orphan he knew."

Filming on Life On The Road will begin at the end of this year. 

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