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Robert Downey Jr. announces voice cast for The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle
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Robert Downey Jr. announces voice cast for The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle

All eyes may be on Robert Downey Jr.'s return as Iron Man in the upcoming Avengers movie Infinity War, but the actor is keen to remind everyone that he has other irons in the fire and yesterday he took to Twitter to announce an impressive cast line-up for Stephen Gaghan's upcoming film The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, which is due to arrive next year.


Based on the second of author Hugh Lofting's books featuring the talented doctor who is able to communicate with animals, the film is set to feature a mixture of live action and animation, with Downey Jr. taking on the role of the film's titular protagonist alongside a live action cast that includes Jim Broadbent, Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen.

It was announced February that Ralph Fiennes, Emma Thompson and Tom Holland would be among those voicing the film's animated creatures, but yesterday's announcement reveals a stellar voice cast that includes Mr. Robot stars Remi Malek and Craig Robinson, Portlandia's Kumail Nanjiani, Hidden Figures star Octavia Spencer and wrestler-turned-actor John Cena, among several others.

Originally scheduled for release in May 2019, the film's cinematic debut was moved forward a month to avoid a clash with the next episode in the Star Wars saga and is now expected to arrive in cinemas on April 12th 2019.

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