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Robert Downey Jr. to play Doctor Dolittle for new movie
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Robert Downey Jr. to play Doctor Dolittle for new movie

Robert Downey Jr. has signed up to play Doctor Dolittle in a new movie adventure. 

Downey Jr. will star in the adaptation, which is to be titled The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle, and will rework the books of Hugh Lofting, who created the eccentric doctor who claimed he could talk to animals. 

Stephen Gaghan, director of Gold and Syriana, will take charge of the movie. 

Dolittle has been played on screen before, first in 1967 by Rex Harrison in a musical simply titled Doctor Dolittle, then in 1998 and 2001 by Eddie Murphy for a modern re-telling of the story, before Kyla Pratt, Murphy's on-screen daughter, took over for three further straight to DVD instalments. 

Downey Jr. is currently filming Avengers: Infinity War so it's unknown when he will begin work on becoming the animal-loving Doctor. 

To check out the previous version of Doctor Dolittle in hmv's online store, click here. 

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