February 7, 2014

RoboCop: Five Reasons You'll Comply...
by Tom
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RoboCop: Five Reasons You'll Comply...

RoboCop, the remake/reboot of the classic 1987 dystopian sci-fi thriller, hits cinemas today. We caught a screening last night and present five reasons why we think you'll love it…


Joel Kinnaman is a total badass

The Killing star looks the part as Alex Murphy and as RoboCop himself, all muscles and chiselled jaw line. He gives the role just right amount of levity too.


Michael Keaton can pull off evil corporate bigwig

And he does. Once the man who'd have been inside the suit, Keaton's turn as Raymond Sellers, the mastermind behind OmniCorp, is an excellent one. He walks the tightrope behind slick media-friendly CEO and dark-hearted villain with consummate ease.


Samuel Jackson sports a very dodgy wig and does some excellent swearing

The Avengers and Pulp Fiction lynchpin plays Patrick "Pat" Novak, host of The Novak Element, a talk-show loudmouth who's very pro-Robot. He anchors the film, and, by the end, does some superb swearing, it's Snakes On A Plane good…


Jay Baruchel proves he can do more than make you laugh..

Playing scheming PR man Tom Pope, the actor, who is better known for his roles in films like This Is The End and Tropic Thunder, proves his versatility as the loathsome, money-hungry, bearded marketing guru.


The action sequences will knock you off your feet…

Director José Padilha has done a great job of fashioning some terrific action sequences, in particular when Murphy is on the rampage as RoboCop. Fast, punishing and gripping, they're a real highlight.

RoboCop is in cinemas from today. You can check out the trailer below…

RoboCop José Padilha
ROBOCOP - Official Trailer

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