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Rocketman - Five Reasons You'll Love It
by Tom
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Rocketman - Five Reasons You'll Love It

Of all the lives ripe for a biopic, the life of Elton John would be one of the ripest in the bowl. 

From humble beginnings in the quiet London satellite town of Pinner to sold-out football stadiums and over 300 million records sold, via drink, drugs, wild, wild parties and almost total destruction, John's story is a colourful, intense and thunderous ride. 

The film stars Kingsman mainman Taron Egerton as John, with Jamie Bell playing Bernie Taupin, his musical partner. Richard Madden is John Reid, the singer's manager and former love, while Bryce Dallas Howard, Steven Mackintosh and Gemma Jones play his parents and grandmother. 

The script comes from Billy Elliott writer Lee Hall, who works with Eddie The Eagle director Dexter Fletcher to create a musical spectacular that includes over 20 of John's biggest hits. 

Rocketman arrives on DVD shelves on Monday (September 30th), but, back before it hit cinemas, we were treated to an early screening and have put together five reasons why you'll love it...


This is not a straightforward biopic...

Fletcher and Egerton have described the film as a 'true-life fantasy' and it's an apt summary. The film is constantly taking flight with surreal set pieces and dreamscapes. It's not constant, but they do serve as well-judged interludes and breaks from the madness of John's life. 


The songs are used skillfully...

All the big hits are here, 'Your Song', 'I'm Still Standing', 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' and so many more, but they're introduced neatly and skillfully. There are no nods and winks or looks into the distance as the music starts. 


Egerton excels...

For a long time, Tom Hardy was attached to play John, but it's hard to imagine anybody but Egerton in the role now. He inhabits John's mania and madcap energy, his desperate insecurity and his many, many haircuts superbly. He's an inspired bit of casting and he can sing too. 


Nothing is held back...

One of Elton John's key conditions for letting the whole thing happen in the first place was an R-Rating, or at least a 15 for us in the UK. He wanted the excess, the drink, the drugs, the hospitalisations and the sex to be shown. His wishes have been kept to. There's an awful lot of excess in this film. 


But it's an awful lot of fun...

It's bright, colourful, emotional, traumatic at times, but ultimately uplifting. A hugely enjoyable two hours. 


Rocketman is released on DVD on Monday (September 30th) and is available to pre-order here in hmv's online store. 

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