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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Bonus Features - Five Things We Learned
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Bonus Features - Five Things We Learned

How did Princess Leia get the plans to the Death Star? Why did the Death Star have such a devasting weakness? Rogue One gave us the answers to so many questions surrounding the era before A New Hope for fans old and new alike. It became the third Star Wars title to surpass the $1 billion milestone in the box office worldwide, joining The Force Awakens and The Phantom Menace. The Blu-Ray versions features all the behind the scenes goodies from the standalone title (which also includes Easter eggs you might have missed) and we got an early preview. Here are five things we learned and a sneak preview of what you can look forward to... 


Rogue One was inspired by the original title crawl...

The idea came to John Knoll, visual effects supervisor on Rogue One as well as George Lucas's latter-day trilogy, from the famous yellow words introducing A New Hope. He wondered how the Rebel spies managed to get a hold of the Death Star plans and pitched a 30-second story of events to others in the office. Seeing how they reacted to it he realised this could be a real project. Knoll then pitched it formally to Kathleen Kennedy and Rogue One became closer to being a reality. 


Watching the appearance of young Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing being created is incredible...

The work behind superimposing Carrie Fisher's and Peter Cushing's faces onto younger actors Ingvild Deila and Guy Henry respectively really was the humongous task you'd expect it to be. 

Although it wasn't just down to the technology, Invild Deila had to have extra hair added to her own so they could make her hairline match Carrie Fisher's. It was a long and gruelling process, and when they'd made it to 99% of the way there, the last 1% took the same amount of time as everything before it!


The film's design was a full homage to the original trilogy...

The scenes, the buildings, droids, vehicles - all brand new to us in Rogue One but they gave us a sense of déjà vu. Turns out during the design process, Doug Chiang and Gareth Edwards dived into the archives of original set designer Ralph McQuarrie's original concept work for A New Hope. They wanted people to be able to watch the two films back to back and feel as if they really took place at the same time.


K-2SO was originally pitched as an 'anti-C-3PO'...

The production team wanted K-2SO to be like an 'anti-C-3PO' and designed a black version of the protocol droid. Upon review, they felt that it didn't quite match the idea they had for the character. Looking back through the unused designs and illustrations by Ralph McQuarrie, they were inspired by the thinner looking models and K-2SO became an Imperial security droid.


No one worked harder to get their part than Riz Ahmed...

The Girls star is a great feature of the bonus content. He talks about the many different ideas he had of how his character Bodhi Rook, the defected Imperial cargo pilot, could be brought to life. He filmed himself over and over acting out different styles for Bohdi and emailed them all to Gareth Edwards. Even when he was offered the part, he didn't stop! He continued to send more ideas and videos to the director and eventually became worried that he might have gone over the top.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 10th is available to pre-order here in hmv's online store. 

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