January 29, 2014

Runner Runner: What You Need To Know
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Runner Runner: What You Need To Know

The Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake powered thriller Runner Runner hits DVD shelves next Monday (February 3), here's what you need to know about this new flick…


What’s the background?

Partly based on the life of Nat Arem, a former professional poker player and Deloitte accountant, Runner Runner is a big, slick, typically American thriller. Directed by The Lincoln Lawyer's Brad Furman, the film was released into cinemas in October, it did OK theatrically, nothing spectacular, but comfortably making it's money back.


Who’s in it?

Ben Affleck leads the way as poker king Ivan Block, with Justin Timberlake also starring as down on his luck maths student Richie Furst, who quickly winds up as Affleck's apprentice. Gemma Arterton plays Rebecca Shafran, Richie's love interest and Block's P.A, while Pain & Gain's Anthony Mackie also appears as wise-cracking federal agent Eric Shavers.


What’s the plot?

Timberlake's character Richie Furst is a struggling masters student at Princeton, who once enjoyed a successful career on Wall Street, a career that prevents him from receiving any grants for his tuition. Short by quite a few bob for his next payment, he decides to win his fees by taking to online gambling, only to lose it all in one night.

Seriously vexed and now completely broke, Richie's convinced he's been cheated by another player and gets on a plane to Costa Rica determined to confront Ivan Block, the owner of the casino where he lost so badly. However, after confronting Block, he is shocked when the poker magnate not only offers him to refund him, but also the chance to work for him and help route out cheating in his casinos. Naturally, he jumps at the chance and that's when things start to go wrong…


Does it deliver?

Both yes and no. It's slick and full of intrigue, and, by the end, you're really fearing for Richie. However, there are some absolutely enormous plot holes and some dialogue that's a bit too cheesy for it's own good (see the section about the boat in the trailer below "The house always wins…). It's a good, Friday night, entertaining thriller, not the kind of film that you're going to be watching for the next 10 years.


Runner Runner is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (February 3).

Runner Runner
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