February 27, 2014

See An Exclusive Clip from Ride Along and Discover Five Reasons Why You'll Love It!
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See An Exclusive Clip from Ride Along and Discover Five Reasons Why You'll Love It!

Ride Along, the new comedy comes into cinemas tomorrow (February 28), we've got an exclusive clip for you to enjoy at the bottom of the page and five reasons why we think you'll love it...


There's a good amount of high-octane action…

Ride Along sees Ice Cube and Kevin Hart pair up in the most hilarious and unfortunate of circumstances, and once Ice’s promises to show Hart’s the ropes within the on-beat cop world, things start to get a little messy. In one very entertaining scene, Ride Along satisfies every aspect of what you’d hope to see in a buddy-cop car chase. The special effects in this scene aren’t too shoddy either.


It’s very funny…

While in most cases a buddy-cop drama turns into a would-be comedy of cringe-inducing content, Ride Along finds a fair balance between serious relationship issues and macho longing for the top dog position in the police force – one, even two steps ahead of the criminals. This makes for an often hilarious mismatch of personality traits between the two central characters, with Ice Cube coming through once more with his signature moodiness and almost-but-not-quite-threatening presence.


Laurence Fishburne turns up…

We won’t tell you when exactly for fear of giving the mystery away, but the guy’s appearance is worth the wait. Placing an actor of a very high standard such as Fishburne next to Ice Cube and Kevin Hart would normally be odd and may not work at all, but his character has just about the right amount of feature time for it not to become ridiculous. In a way, casting Fishburne is the best thing the filmmakers could have done here to make sure the movie is digested with an appropriate degree of seriousness.


There are some fantastic one-liners…

Ride Along is built for them. Its gags are sometimes uncomfortably terrible, but wait it out: towards the end of the film Kevin Hart’s character will surprise you with how he tackles a dangerous situation in the most hilarious manner possible. Where his character’s girlfriend is concerned as well, there are some funny jokes revolving around his relationship being deeper with video games than with her. Tika Sumpter, who plays his wife, is maybe the star of the film in her performance.


The range of minor characters is pretty diverse…

Throughout the film, James (Ice Cube) and Ben (Kevin Hart) come across some rather eclectic people on their travels along the complex path of getting to the bottom of a particular case. The case in hand centres on a mysterious figure named Omar, who apparently no one has ever seen or heard from directly -- even his own crew. On the hunt for more information, the unlikely partners are faced with an aggressive and somewhat androgynous motorcycle gang, a chirpy and confrontational basketball boy, amongst many others. The character traits of such people will have you laughing, gasping, and in a state of disbelief at some points. It’s really quite a blast to experience them.


Ride Along will be in cinemas from tomorrow (February 28). 

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