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Sequel confirmed for shark horror 47 Metres Down
by Tom
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Sequel confirmed for shark horror 47 Metres Down

Hit horror 47 Metres Down is getting a sequel. 

The movie starred Mandy Moore and Pretty Little Liars' Claire Holt as sisters Lisa and Kate who go on holiday in Mexico, and are invited to cage dive and see sharks up close. When the cable holding the cage breaks and it plummets to the ocean floor with the two girls trapped inside.

Terrified and shaken, they must find a way to escape, with their air supplies running low and great white sharks stalking nearby.

The film, which has grossed over $55 million from a budget of just $5.5 million, is getting a sequel, which is fittingly titled 48 Metres Down. Johannes Roberts return to write and direct and will shift action from Mexico to Brazil for the sequel. 

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