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Spooky trailer unveiled for new series of Doctor Who
by Tom
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Spooky trailer unveiled for new series of Doctor Who

A spooky first trailer for the ninth season of Doctor Who has been unveiled, scroll down and click to watch it. 

The preview, which is 90 seconds long, was revealed at Comic Con yesterday (July 9th) and offers up a glimpse at many of the new season's terrifying new monsters. 

As well as featuring appearances from both Daleks and Zygons, Michelle Gomez also reprises her role in the show as the fiendish time traveller Missy. She will be joined by the likes of The Thick Of It's Rebecca Front, comedian Rufus Hound and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell's Paul Kaye in guest starring in the new series. 

The trailer also gives a first look at the role Game Of Thrones' star Maisie Williams will play in the new series, with her character closing out the preview. 

The series will on September 19th and will broadcast up until the start of the Christmas period. You can check out hmv's range of Doctor Who DVDs here. 



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