Friday Night Lights


Expanding on the hit feature film and best-selling book "Friday Night Lights," this award-winning series centers on life in Dillon, Texas, where high school football brings the community together -- and the drama of small town life threatens to tear it apart.

Sadly, after five glorious seasons, Friday Night Lights came to an end in 2010, and, until recently, it had been quite difficult to own on DVD in the UK.

Now lovingly repackaged in a 22-disc special edition, you can gorge yourself on this series, which follows the highs and heartbreaks of the Dillon Panthers, a Texan high school American Football team bound for glory.

A superbly written show, as soon as you start watching you'll be on the edge of your seat for every tantrum and touchdown, regardless of how clueless you might be about the laws of American Football.

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by Tom hmv London