Inside Llewyn Davis


A week in the life of a talented but struggling singer-songwriter as he navigates New York's folk music scene in 1961.

Director: Joel Coen

Starring: Carey Mulligan,Justin Timberlake,Oscar Isaac,Jerry Grayson

Runtime: 105

The most marmite Coen Brothers film to date, Inside Llewyn Davis took some its audience by sweet surprise in its quaintness upon its cinema release in January this year, and others by sincere disappointment.

The film follows a rather shy, insecure young folk singer in 1960s New York, as he struggles with the lows and shoots for the highs of forging a tough path to a much-desired stardom.

It’s equally funny and sincere in the right places, with some genuinely heartwarming spans of dialogue.

Taken with an open mind, Inside Llewyn Davis further proves the enviable dynamics of the Coens’ filmmaking.   

by Sam hmv Colchester