Under the Skin

Drama,Science Fiction,Thriller

Disguising herself as a human female, an extraterrestrial drives around Scotland and tries to lure unsuspecting men into her van.

Director: Jonathan Glazer

Starring: Scarlett Johansson,Robert J. Goodwin,Kryštof Hádek,Paul Brannigan

Runtime: 108

Sexy Beast director Johnathan Glazer returned earlier this year with his third feature-length, Under the Skin, a haunting, artful film following an alien with a woman’s aesthetic, enticing disillusioned males in Scotland and leading them into an ethereal lair.

Despite being a visually wholesome, intelligent piece of cinema, Under the Skin admittedly runs a little too long, and was a commercial failure - perhaps a byproduct of its rather vague premise.

To get through this movie, a lot of patience is required due to its very slow place - yet its themes are richer and more thought-provoking than any other release this year

by Sam hmv Colchester