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Steven Knight, Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott adapting Charles Dickens for new BBC series
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Steven Knight, Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott adapting Charles Dickens for new BBC series

Peaky Blinders and Taboo writer Steven Knight is set to reunite with actor Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott's production company Scott Free London to create a new TV series for BBC One based on the stories of one of Britain's most celebrated authors, Charles Dickens.

Set in the Victorian era in which Dickens wrote his most famous novels, the new show is due to begin with a three-part adaptation of A Christmas Carol, currently scheduled to air in December 2019.

Knight and Hardy have worked together on numerous occasions, with Hardy having starred in both Peaky Blinders and Taboo, as well as delivering a tour-de-force performance in Knight's mesmerising film Locke.

It's unclear at this stage exactly how many of Dickens' stories Knight will be bringing to TV screens, but the director is excited at the prospect: “Any question about narrative storytelling is answered by Dickens,” Knight said. “To have the chance to revisit the text and interpret in a new way is the greatest privilege. We need luck and wisdom to do this justice.”

Having worked with Hardy and Knight on Taboo, Ridley's Scott's production team will once again be helping to bring Knight's vision to the screen, with the actor saying: “It’s extremely exciting to have the opportunity to team up with Ridley Scott, Steven Knight and our partners at the BBC with this rare and wonderful opportunity to revisit and interpret Dickens’ classic works. A Christmas Carol is a fabulous magical piece of theatre and an embarrassment of riches for our creative team – from character all the way through to design. Here’s to having a lot of intricate and wonderful fun. We feel very lucky.”

Charlotte Moore, director of BBC content, said of the new project: “It’s incredibly exciting to have a genius like Steven Knight embark on a series of Dickens adaptations. What can I say? Be prepared to be blown away by his wholly original and visionary take on some of Britain’s best loved classics.”

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