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Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio in talks for Ulysses S. Grant biopic
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Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio in talks for Ulysses S. Grant biopic

The last time Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio worked together their collaborative efforts produced the multi-award winning 2002 crime caper Catch Me If You Can, starring DiCaprio as serial blagger turned FBI consultant Frank Abagnale Jr.

16 years on from the film's release, the pair are reportedly looking to reunite for a new biopic centred on the life of Ulysses S. Grant, based on Ron Chernow's biography of the former U.S. President. Chernow, in case the name doesn't ring a bell, is the same man responsible for the biography of 'founding father' Alexander Hamilton which forms the basis for Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit musical.

Spielberg's involvement would see him return to familiar territory, having directed Daniel Day Lewis' Oscar-winning performance as another former U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln. Before his ascension to the Oval Office, Grant had been one of Lincoln's closest allies and was responsible for the defeat of Confederate General Robert E. Lee during the American civil war.

DiCaprio purchased the rights to Chernow's book and is understood to be spearheading the film's development for Lionsgate, although talks are reportedly still at the early stages and there's nothing like a confirmed casting or mooted release date as yet, but with two heavyweights like DiCaprio and Spielberg involved it's the kind of film that will probably be talked about as an Oscar contender from the get-go. Watch this space...

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