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Studio Ghibli 'ceases production' on new films after 29 years
by James
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Studio Ghibli 'ceases production' on new films after 29 years

Sad news for fans of Japanese animation legends Studio Ghibli arrived yesterday when general manager Toshio Suzuki announced on live television in Japan yesterday that the studio was ceasing production on new films.

The studio, famous for anime films like Howl's Moving Castle and the Oscar-winning Spirited Away, will be downsizing its staff and concentrating on promotion and rights for its existing back catalogue, and while Suzuki stopped short of saying the studio would 'never' make anoter film, for now at least it seems that Studio Ghibli is no more, meaning that When Marnie Was There will be its final release

Rumours had been circling for a while – ever since the retirement of the studio's Hayao Miyazaki in 2013, in fact – but Suzuki's announcement was the first official word that the studio was ending its 29 years of film production.


Howl's Moving Castle - Trailer


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