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Take's Ultimate Dark Knight Trilogy Quiz!
by James
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Take's Ultimate Dark Knight Trilogy Quiz!

In this year's Decades promotion we have loads of offers on iconic titles from the last 70 years of cinema, focussing on a different decade each week, and to celebrate some of our favourite titles from years past we'll be bringing you a quiz on one of each decade's most iconic films.

Next up is the 2000s, which saw the rebirth of one of DC Comics' most iconic heroes on the big screen. Christopher Nolan's rebooting of Batman was the most major overhaul on the character since Tim Burton ditched the lycra-clad Batman of the 1960s TV show and brought Gotham to life in his unique style. Nolan went right back to the beginning, releasing three films starring Christian Bale and producing one of the most memorable portrayals of The Joker from the late Heath Ledger.

Batman himself needs no introduction, of course, but how well do you know Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy really?

Take our quiz below to find out!



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