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Taken 3: What You Need To Know
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Taken 3: What You Need To Know

It redefined Liam Neeson, it influenced a whole new generation of action movies and contained possibly the greatest telephone call in movie history, but after almost a billion dollars at the box office and three movies, the Taken franchise is drawing to a close. The final instalment Taken 3 is out on DVD now and here is everything you need to know about it.


What’s The Plot?

Having spent the first two movies hunting for those who took the ones he loved, this time it’s Brian Mills who is being hunted. The film begins with Mills’ ex-wife Lenore coming over for a catch up, him going out for bagels and coming home to discover her dead in his apartment, with the situation clearly set up for him to take the fall. From then on he’s on the run, trying to track down the real killers and trying to stay away from the police, FBI and CIA. Will he find them? He’s got quite a good track record…


Who’s In It?

Liam Neeson, of course, returns as Brian Mills, while Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace are also back as his wife and daughter. Joining the cast this time are Forest Whitaker and Dougray Scott, Whitaker plays Inspector Frank Dotzler, the man tasked with investigating Mills, while Scott plays Stuart St John, the new husband of Mills’ ex-wife Lenore.


Does It Deliver?

We’re on the third instalment of this franchise so you know what you’re getting into. There’s plenty of action, plenty of thrills, plenty of excellent set pieces and a typically stern conversation. It’s Taken for god’s sake!


Taken 3 is available for pre-order now on DVD, Blu-Ray and exclusive hmv steelbook.

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