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Tenet - Five Reasons You'll Love It
by Tom
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Tenet - Five Reasons You'll Love It

Relatively few directors can genuinely have their latest offering described as an event. You're talking Scorsese, Spielberg, Tarantino, and, these days, most definitely Christopher Nolan. 

His back catalogue is stellar. Whether it's changing the face of the superhero movie with his Dark Knight trilogy, the daring innovation of Inception, the brutal physicality of Dunkirk and epic introspection of Interstellar, Nolan's record is exceptional. 

What's more, while his range of subject matter is immensely wide, everything has been done on a truly epic scale. And that's no different with his latest offering, Tenet. 

Tenet stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh, with Nolan directing and supplying the script. 

The plot outline is minimal. All we know going in is Washington's character, who is simply known as The Protagonist, is tasked with stopping World War III. He has only one word to help him, Tenet. 

The movie is Nolan's follow-up to Dunkirk, which grossed over $520 million at the box office and took home three Oscars. 

The film arrives in cinemas on Wednesday (August 26th), but we caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons why you'll love Nolan's latest epic venture...


There are some extraordinary action set pieces...

You'll get no spoilers here, but there are some jaw-dropping action beats. The opening sequence, in particular, is vintage Dark Knight era Nolan, while there's a car chase later on, the practicalities of actually committing it to film will make your head hurt...


It's very well cast...

For a film with such a vast expanse, there are only actually six characters who get any meaningful screen time. They're all well chosen. Washington is a gruff protagonist, but he holds the film well alongside Pattinson's slippery Neil and Branagh's dastardly villain. 


The scale is incredible...

A budget north of $200 million. Seven countries. Minimal special effects. An epic shootout. There's a lot to admire. 


It's all Nolan's James Bond fantasies at once...

Exotic locations, a grand heist, Kenneth Branagh's Andrei Sator, a villainous Russian oligarch with some seriously bad plans, and, as discussed, action scenes 007 would be more than proud of. 


The running time whips by... 

At 150 minutes, this isn't a short undertaking, but we're never still for very long. 


Tenet is released into UK cinemas on Wednesday (August 26th) and will be available to pre-order on DVD in the coming days. 

You can check out Nolan's back catalogue here in hmv's online store. 

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