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Tenet's UK release rescheduled for August
by James
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Tenet's UK release rescheduled for August

The release of Christopher Nolan's new film has become something of a saga in recent weeks; Tenet was originally due to arrive in June but has been subject to various delays, all relating to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but its journey to cinema screens has so far endured almost as many twists and turns as some of Nolan's movies.

The most recent announcement, as we reported last week, was that Tenet's release had been delayed “indefinitely”, with Warner Bros. head Toby Emmerich hinting at a staggered release in different territories.

However, Emmerich did also promise news of a release date “imminently” and it now appears that Tenet is finally set to make its arrival in UK cinemas on August 26th.

The release of the film appears to be based on how individual countries have handled the pandemic and the UK is one of around 60 countries that will see Tenet arrive on August 26th, with a release in Canada to follow a day later.

As for the US, however, where infection rates remain particularly high, a provisional date of September 2nd has been mooted, but only if the studio deems it safe to do so. Other countries such as China and Brazil are still awaiting new release dates.



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