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Watch Margot Robbie get dark in the new trailer for Terminal
by James
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Watch Margot Robbie get dark in the new trailer for Terminal

A new trailer for Vaugn Stein's upcoming noir thriller Terminal starring Margot Robbie and Simon Pegg has made its debut online, click to watch it below...



Terminal tells the story of two assassins who take on a lucrative contract for a shadowy employer, a high-risk job that begins to unravel when they encounter a waitress leading a curiously dangerous double life, and who may be more involved in their mission than they initially suspect.

The film is a directorial debut for Stein, who has worked as assistant director on a range of films including The Fifth Estate and The Danish Girl, but his relative lack of experience in the director's chair hasn't prevented him from pulling in an impressive cast, which also includes Mike Myers, This is England star Thomas Turgoose and The Riot Club's Max Irons, as well as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels pair Dexter Fletcher and Nick Moran.

The film is being distibuted in the UK by Arrow Films and while it is yet to be given a fixed release date in the UK, it is due to arrive in cinemas in the U.S. on May 11th, with a UK release expected in the early part of the summer this year.

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