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"It's a return to what made the first two movies special..." - talks to the cast of Terminator: Dark Fate
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"It's a return to what made the first two movies special..." - talks to the cast of Terminator: Dark Fate

With combined box office receipts totalling somewhere in the region of $2 billion, the Terminator movies are up there with the most successful film franchises in history, but even though James Cameron's original 1984 movie Terminator and its 1991 sequel T2: Judgement Day were well received by critics and audiences alike, some of the subsequent movies in the franchise have received a rather more mixed reception. 

The most recent instalment in the franchise, 2015's Terminator: Genisys, attempted to breathe new life into the series and was originally intended as the first part of a new Terminator trilogy, but disappointing performance at the box office and mixed reviews prompted a major rethink, with plans for another two films and a spin-off TV series put on ice.

After an approach from Paramount, who had the idea that the next Terminator film should be a direct sequel to T2: Judgement Day, franchise creator James Cameron signed on to produce the next instalment, which effectively wipes from the slate the events of the previous three movies and picks up where Judgement Day left off. Not only that, but some key cast members are returning to the fray too.

Deadpool director Tim Miller is the man who has been recruited to helm Terminator: Dark Fate, which arrives in UK cinemas this week, and alongside star Arnold Schwarzenegger is a cast that includes both Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong, who both return to reprise their roles as Sarah and John Connor, respectively.

Joining them this time around are Gabriel Luna, Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes, and with the film on DVD shelves now, we caught up with Gabriel, Mackenzie and Natalia for a chat about bringing Terminator: Dark Fate to the big screen.

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