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The Conjuring 2: What You Need To Know
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The Conjuring 2: What You Need To Know

James Wan's 2013 horror film brought the story of the infamous Harrisville hauntings – and paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren – to the big screen. On Monday (October 17th) its sequel is due to arrive in stores and it brings with it the tale of another real-life haunting, this time in the UK. Here's everything you need to know about The Conjuring 2...


Who's in it?

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren, this time joined by a cast that includes Simon McBurney, Franka Potente and Frances O'Connor, the latter playing the matriarch of the film's haunted family, the Hodgsons. James Wan returns to the director's chair and is once again at the helm for the sequel.


What's the plot?

Prior to 1977, Enfield's biggest claim to fame was being the site of the world's first cash machine, but that all changed when a council house in Brimsdown became the unlikely site of a series of paranormal incidents, and its the now-infamous Enfield haunting that forms the basis for the new film's story.

After being involved in the Amityville haunting case a year earlier, the Warrens are contacted by the Anglican church to help investigate reports of paranormal activity at a house in Enfield. Lorraine has been experiencing visions involving Ed's death at the hands of a demonic nun, but despite her fears she reluctantly agrees to travel to London. There they discover that Peggy Hodgson (O'Connor) and her family have witnessed a number of strange incidents, including their second-oldest child Janet (Madison Wolfe) sleepwalking and having conversations with an unseen presence who claims the house belongs to him.

This later turns out to be Bill Wilkins, a man who had previously lived and died in the house and whose sprit soon makes a dramatic entrance when Janet is possessed when the media attempt to interview the family. The Warrens are called in and seek help from another pair of investigators, Maurice Grosse (McBurney) and Anita Gregory (Potente) to try and assess if the Hodgsons' case is genuine. Things begin to worsen when they learn that 'Bill Wilkins' may not actually be the spirit of the former owner, but instead the same demonic presence that has been haunting Lorraine's dreams.


Does it deliver?

Like many 'based-on-a-true-story' horror films, a little artistic licence is taken with the facts for dramatic effect – the scene in which dozens of crosses hanging on the walls turn upside down, for example, never actually happened – but otherwise the film sticks fairly closely to the story and it's every bit as chilling as the first. If you enjoyed the original there's plenty more of the same on offer here. We've even got an exclusive clip from the movie too, it's below for you...


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