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The Fugutive to be remade, new director signs up
by Tom
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The Fugutive to be remade, new director signs up

Classic thriller The Fugitive is to be remade. 

It had been reported back in 2015 that a sequel to the Harrison Ford-led thriller was in development, but the film will now be rebooted. 

According to Deadline, Albert Hughes, who directed Alpha, has signed up to direct, with Broken City writer Brian Tucker providing the script.

The Fugitive was released back in 1993 and netted over $350 million in box office receipts. It also earned Tommy Lee Jones an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

The movie was based on the successful 1960s TV show, which ran for four series. It followed Dr Richard Kimble (Ford), who is wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife, escapes from custody and sets out to prove his innocence.

All the while he's on the run, he is pursued relentlessly by a team of US Marshals, who are led by Deputy Samuel Gerard (played by Jones). 

US Marshals, a sequel which did not feature Ford, was released in 1998, but was not a box office hit. 

You can check out the film and the original TV series here in hmv's online store. 

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