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The Gallows: What You Need To Know
by Tom
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The Gallows: What You Need To Know

It cost just $100,000 to make and took nearly $40 million at the box office. As screamfest The Gallows comes to DVD (it’s out on Monday), we tell you everything you need to know...


What’s The Plot?

We start out in 1993 in Beatrice High School, a play named The Gallows is being performed and during the show student Charlie Grimille is accidentally hanged and killed after a prop malfunction. Cut to 20 years later and the school is attempting to put on a new performance of the play with a new group of students. This is something that friends Ryan and Reese aren’t happy about and they decide it’s a good idea to break into the school and vandalise the set, a decision that might well have deadly consequences...


Who’s In It?

The film’s tiny, tiny budget means there are no stars here, the only name who you might possibly have heard of is Cassidy Gifford, the daughter of American Football legend Frank Gifford and American television host Kathie Lee Gifford.


Does It Deliver?

It’s tense, it’s claustrophobic and it’s very, very scary, if you’re after an evening full of jumps and deep breathes then this fits the bill totally.

The Gallows is released on DVD on Monday (November 16th).


The Gallows
The Gallows Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing

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