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The Hooligan Factory: What You Need To Know
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The Hooligan Factory: What You Need To Know

Spoof football hooligan comedy The Hooligan Factory, which takes a cheeky swipe at the likes of Rise Of The Footsoldier and The Football Factory, released on DVD on Monday (July 14th), here’s what you need to know about it.


What’s the plot?

It goes a bit like this: young Danny has just been expelled from school and is down on his luck, all he wants is to be like his dad, who famously got sent to prison for forced feeding a judge his own wig. In search of his own claim to fame, Danny befriends Dex, the notorious football hooligan who has just been released from Wormwood Scrubs and is dead set revenge against a rival firm leader. And so it begins…


Who’s in it?

What’s surprising is actually how many of the actors have actually starred in the films that this one is parodying. Leo Gregory, who plays Slasher, led the way in Green Street, Nick Nevern, who takes the part of Dex, starred in The Rise & Fall Of The White Collar Hooligan and its sequels, Jason Maza, who leads the film as Danny, also starred in Rise Of The Footsoldier, with many of the supporting cast also boasting side roles in past hooligan-led action flicks.

Then again, how many British actors who look enough like a football hooligan can there be?


Does it deliver?

Not entirely, but not every spoof flick can be Airplane. The gags come thick and fast and some are very funny indeed, whereas other fall flat. If you loved the films this is spoofing, there’s plenty for you to laugh at here.


The Hooligan Factory is released on DVD on Monday (July 14th).

The Hooligan Factory Red Band Trailer

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