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The Inbetweeners: Their 10 best moments
by Tom
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The Inbetweeners: Their 10 best moments

The Inbetweeners 2 comes to DVD next Monday (December 1st) bringing to an end the glorious, rip-roaring years of The Inbetweeners. Of course, no-one can rule out there being a third instalment (all the boys are still alive after all), but in various interviews Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison and James Buckley have been very firm, this is it, this is the last time you’ll see them as the Inbetweeners.

For their swansong, Will, Simon, Jay and Neil are heading to Australia. Resident loudmouth Jay is already there and invites the other three to join him there, an offer they snap up. They might be a little older, but with a shedload of booze and a typically terrible car, they’re back to their old ways in no time at all.

As it’s the end of the line for the foursome, we thought we’d send them off in style, so here, in all their NSFW glory, are the Inbetweeners’ 10 best moments…


10. “You bumder…”

The Inbetweeners have given us so many new catch phrases, but none are more memorable then when Will, after the best part of two bottles of gin, decided to insult Neil’s Dad by welding “bummer” and “bender” together. Don’t say it in polite conversation..


9. “Delicious crisps…”

This is enough to put you off ever getting in a caravan again…


8. “My allergies!”

Dispatched on work experience for a week, Simon and Jay manage to blag a job with Jay’s dad, but Will and Neil don’t fare nearly as well. Somehow, their applications get mixed up, with Neil taking Will’s job at the local paper, and Will getting dispatched to some rowdy mechanics. Attempting to bond with them, Will agrees to a lunchtime pint, but the drive back to the garage doesn’t exactly go to plan…


7. “Your mother has the sex…”

The Inbetweeners are more than enough on their own usually, but there have also been some glorious fleeting cameos over the years, none better than Patrice, the French exchange student, he started out by being a bit racist, then proceeded to make a series of inappropriate comments before getting off with the girl Will really liked. His best moment though, is below…


6. “Oh dear..”

Frisbees are dangerous, especially when you’re trying to show off to some girls in the local park, so make sure you look around, something Will fails to do in the below clip…


5. “Have you been eating cat food again?”

One of the through lines from the whole series is Simon’s pleading and occasionally desperate pursuit of family friend Carly Damato, a pursuit the rest of the lads take great pleasure in blocking whenever they can. The best example of that? It’s underneath…


4. “His eyes look sad…”

Never play a game of chicken with a squirrel, there can be no winners…


3. “Friend…”

Somewhere, right now, people are repeating the word ‘Friend’ to each other, and that’s all down to the moment below. Watch it, it’s impossible to explain otherwise. 


2. “Bus W***ers…”

For months and months afterwards, you couldn’t walk past a bus stop without hearing someone shout this. With good reason…


1. “You’ve Just Punched A Fish To Death…”

What happens when you take the Inbetweeners out on a boat trip? This…


The Inbetweeeners 2 is released on DVD on Monday (December 1st).

The Inbetweeners 2
The Inbetweeners 2 Damon Beesley, Iain Morris

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