Five Reasons You’ll Love It - October 15, 2014

The Judge - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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The Judge - Five Reasons You'll Love It

The Judge, Robert Downey Jr’s first non-Marvel based outing in three years hits cinemas on Friday (October 17th). Downey Jr leads the film as Hank Palmer, a hotshot lawyer who is forced to return to the hometown he hates when his mother dies and his father is suspected of a hit and run.

We caught an early screening and have compiled five reasons you’ll love it…


Robert Downey Jr is just as charming as ever…

It doesn’t matter whether he’s in his Iron Man suit or not, Downey Jr’s charisma, swagger and charm oozes out of the screen. He’s an electric presence, and, as hotshot lawyer Hank Palmer, he’s able to show off his full ability as a raconteur.


He might be 83, but Robert Duvall is still an incredible presence…

Here, as the gruff, brutally principled Judge Palmer, Duvall is a real presence. His demeanour unflinching, his power undoubted, he’s the brickwall that Downey Jr’s endless energy keeps slamming against.


This is a family drama, but the court scenes are just electric...

Downey Jr was born to play parts like this, all flash and pizzazz, and when he’s pacing the floor of the court room, questions flying from his mouth, you’re totally gripped. In particular, the moment when’s forced to cross examine his own father is incredibly engrossing.


It’s super gripping…

The story revolves around Duvall’s Judge Palmer, who is accused of a hit and run on a man who he had previously imprisoned for murder. Thing is, the Judge can’t remember doing it, at all. Watching his son trying to prize the truth out of him and somehow keep him out of prison is a process with more twists and turns than a mountain pass. You’ll be gripped by each one…


The performances elevate this film….

We’ve all seen films like this before. A family fraught with dysfunction, brought back together by the most trying of circumstances. What elevates this film is the performances, speficially Downey Jr, Duvall and Vincent D’Onforio, who plays stoic brother Glen with real aplomb.


The Judge is released into UK cinemas on Friday (October 17th).

The Judge
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