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The LEGO Movie hmv Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook: A Guide
by James
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The LEGO Movie hmv Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook: A Guide

Heads up LEGO fans, there's exciting news coming your way. On 23rd May you'll be able to get your hands on an exclusive, limited edition steelbook edition of The LEGO Movie, featuring tons of extras, featurettes, deleted scenes and other bonus content.

But hang on, wasn't there already a load of extras on the version they released in 2014? Well, yes there was, but the new edition contains even more bonus content that has never been available to fans in the UK before now. So what can you expect to find in the new steelbook edition? See below for our handy guide...


Do I still get all the same bonus content from the 2014 release?

Yes you do, so even if this is the first time you'll be buying The LEGO Movie, you won't be missing out on any of that, but there's plenty more besides too.


So what else is new?

For starters there's an alternative commentary provided by directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord, producer Chris McKay and the hilarious Film Crit HULK, as well as a mini-feature called Unlocking The Secrets: The Insider's Guide to the LEGO Movie, a clip of which you can find below...


What are these other featurettes you mentioned?

There's a mini-documentary called Dream Job: Meet the Master Builders, in which we meet the men whose job it is to design and build new LEGO models before they are released onto the market. That's right, grown men and women who literally get paid to play with LEGO all day. It's enough to make any LEGO fan envious...

There's also a mini-film called Trapped in the Ice and another named Wizard Team Go!


What about these deleted scenes? Are they the same ones as on the 2014 release?

You still get all of those, but there are some new ones too, including not one but two alternative endings for the movie. You can take a sneaky peak at one of the new deleted clips below...


When can I pre-order my copy?

Right now! Click here to pre-order and be among the first to get your hands on the new steelbook when it drops on 23rd May.


The LEGO Movie hmv Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook
The LEGO Movie hmv Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook Christopher Miller, Phil Lord

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