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The Lego Movie sequel delayed to 2019
by Tom
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The Lego Movie sequel delayed to 2019

The sequel to The LEGO Movie has been delayed until 2019. 

The follow-up to the 2014 animated hit had been due to open in cinemas on May 8th in 2018. However, it will now hit cinema screens on February 8th 2019, almost exactly five years to the day when the original was released. 

Rob Schrab, best known for his work on Community and The Mindy Project, will direct the sequel. He takes over from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller who have instead signed up to direct the Han Solo origin movie for Disney. That said, the pair are serving as producers on the sequel and are also co-writing its script. 

Before The LEGO Movie hits cinemas, there wil be two spin-offs, Ninjago, which is due in September 2017, and The LEGO Batman Movie

The latter is the spin-off to 2014's hugely successful The LEGO Movie and this time focuses on the story of Batman, voiced brilliantly by Will Arnett. 

Also featuring the voices of Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson and Zach Galifianakis, the movie will be released into UK cinemas on February 10th next year. You can watch the trailer here. 

hmv will be releasing an exclusive, limited edition steelbook edition of The LEGO Movie in May. You can find more details and pre-order it here. 


The LEGO Movie
The LEGO Movie

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