Five Reasons You’ll Love It - July 25, 2014

The Purge: Anarchy - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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The Purge: Anarchy - Five Reasons You'll Love It

High-concept horror thriller The Purge was one of last year’s surprise hits, taking almost $90 million at the box office on a budget of less than $4 million. With that kind of money in the bank it’s no surprise that a sequel, named The Purge: Anarchy which hits DVD shelves today (17th Novemeber)

In this flick, we’re a year on from the first movie and it’s time for The Purge to happen again. This time, we’re on the streets as a young couple with a broken-down car, a man intent on revenge and a mother and daughter with a murderous neighbour are forced from their homes and on to the streets.

We caught it on the big screen and we’ve rounded up five reasons you’ll love it…


The long explanations are gone…

If there was one problem with the first film, it’s that many minutes were devoted to explaining the concept of The Purge and why it’s important. Now we’re in film two, that’s all over and done with, all you need to know is that all crime is legal for one night and the streets are about to get wild.


It’s basically an old-fashioned chase film…

This borrows quite a lot from cult classics like The Warriors and Escape from New York, it’s dark, it’s grimy and very fast-paced, it’s less a horror film, and more just a chase across a city, where enemies are around every corner.


Frank Grillo is a total badass

The man charged with leading this motley crew is Frank Grillo’s Leo, you’ll recognise him as the beefy henchman from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Zero Dark Thirty and End Of Watch. Here he gets to lead the line, with a variety of weapons, big and small, and he’s on top form.


It doesn’t compromise and doesn’t shy away…

Basically this mean it’s really gory and very, very violent. This is not a film for the faint-hearted and there’s lots of blood spilled.


The twists and turns keep coming…

It starts off as a straightforward chase across the city, before morphing into something much, much darker. Chances are, you won’t see the ending coming…


The Purge: Anarchy is available in hmv stores from Monday November 17th including an hmv exclusive The Purge Collection steelbook

The Purge Collection
The Purge Collection James DeMonaco
The Purge: Anarchy - Theatrical Trailer (Official - HD)

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