News - March 20, 2015

The Transporter reboot releases new trailer
by John
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The Transporter reboot releases new trailer

Ed Skrein replaces Jason Statham as the world’s most dangerous delivery man in the latest instalment of the Transporter franchise.

Now that Jason Statham has cemented his status as one of Hollywood’s top action stars with his turn as the villain in the upcoming Fast and Furious 7, it’s left room for a new breed of action stars to follow him. Step forward, Ed Skrein.

Skrein plays a young Frank Martin in the prequel to the action series, which sets the former Game of Thrones star in a mission to save his father (Ray Stevenson). Of course, there’s a trio of beautiful women attempting to manipulate our hero into doing their bidding but we’re sure they’ll soon learn that Frank Martin isn’t one to be trifled with.

The Transporter: Refueled will be released on June 19th.

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