March 14, 2014

The Week In Games March 14
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The Week In Games March 14

Titanfall and Dark Souls II both hitting the shelves today

The wait is finally over as both the Xbox-exclusive Titanfall and Dark Souls II are released in the UK today. To find out more about what you can expect from Titanfall you can view our preview here. If you’re more interested in Dark Souls II then you’ll want to head here instead.

If you want the chance to win your very own life-sized Dark Souls warrior knight statue, head over to our competition page for details.

Additionally, for a sneaky glimpse at Titanfall’s impressive-looking live action series, scroll to the bottom of the page...

Capcom teams up with streaming website Twitch for ‘Street Fighter IV Pro-Tour’

This week Street Fighter developers Capcom announced they are teaming up with Twitch for something called the Street Fighter IV Pro-Tour, essentially a Street Fighter-focussed gaming league set to run throughout the rest of 2014. The tour will be a mixture of events at the big gaming exhibitions and events and online tournaments. Capcom say they aim to  provide an infrastructure “which helps support tournament organisers, while delivering increased production values, supplementary video content, and new opportunities for players, content creators and sponsors.” Twitch will provide live streaming of the events via the Capcom Fighters TV Channel.

Screenshots released for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs

New screenshots surfaced this week for Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs game (see below). The open-world action game is set for release in May. Set in Chicago, the single-player game follows protagonist Aiden Pearce who uses his considerable hacking skills to help players navigate a series of challenges and objectives.

Screenshots from Watch Dogs...
Screenshots from Watch Dogs...

Hideo Kojima presents award to Rockstar’s Houser brothers at BAFTA Games Awards

Not generally known for making public appearances, this week’s BAFTA Games Awards proved to be high-profile enough to tempt the reclusive Houser brothers out of the shadows to accept an award presented by Metal Gear Solid head honcho Hideo Kojima. You can watch the video here

Sony to reveal VR headset at GDC

Surely one the most hotly anticipated tech gadgets since the invention of the Internet, Sony’s VR headset will be unveiled at GDC on March 18th. Described by Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickland this week as ‘sick’, the newest version of the long-awaited headset has been getting some very positive reviews of late. More news as it happens…

Watch Keiji Inafune testing Mighty No. 9

And finally this week, more good news for Megaman fans as its spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 appears to be coming along nicely. Watch Keiji Inafune putting the game through its paces here

Titanfall: Free the Frontier

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