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The Wicker Man director Robin Hardy dies aged 86
by Tom
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The Wicker Man director Robin Hardy dies aged 86

Robin Hardy, director of cult classic horror The Wicker Man, has died the age of 86. 

Hardy, who only made four films during his career, made his debut in 1973 with The Wicker Man, which starred Sir Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward and told the story of police Sergeant Howie, played by Woodward, who was sent to search for a missing girl on the fictional island of Summerisle.

After the success of The Wicker Man, Hardy waited another 13 years to make his next movie, a murderous drama named The Fantasist, he released a sequel to The Wicker Man in 2011 which was titled The Wicker Tree. 

A number of high-profile filmmakers and actors have paid tribute to Hardy and you can read the words below:




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