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The Wolfpack: What You Need to Know
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The Wolfpack: What You Need to Know

Smart money says you won’t see a stranger, more haunting yet genuinely touching film in 2015 than The Wolfpack, the debut documentary feature by Crystal Moselle which scored the U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Prize last winter at Sundance.

Further proof that fact really is stranger than fiction, The Wolfpack presents its story through the words of its protagonists – six articulate and amazingly well-adjusted (considering their circumstances) brothers held as virtual hostages by their parents, a kooky New Age American Mother and a misanthropic Peruvian Father, in a Lower Manhattan apartment.

Permitted almost no contact with the outside world, the Angulo brothers create their own worlds through the popular movies they watch. For kicks, they also recreate the movies using homemade costumes and following scripts typed up verbatim on a vintage typewriter. If the Angulos weren’t a family, we’d be calling them a cult. Either way, their lives are at once unsettling and riveting. The Wolfpack is their story.

It's out now on DVD and here is everything you need to know about it...

What's the plot?

As the story goes, filmmaker Moselle basically stumbled on the six striking brothers – all with butt-length black hair and Sanskrit names reflecting their parents’ particular worldview – as they were walking the streets and tentatively venturing out of their home. As Moselle gained the brothers’ trust, she began to learn about their elaborate relationship with movies – at once a diversion from their weird family reality and a chance to connect, at least tangentially, with the bigger world. She tells their story through interviews and scenes of the brothers recreating movies inside the family’s apartment.

Who's in it?

The six Angulo brothers, their sister and their parents. The filmmaker’s access is pretty remarkable all things considered but Moselle appears to have stumbled on the family at the precise moment when the brothers were emancipating themselves and contact was possible.

Does it deliver?

Oh yes, and with a wallop that will last long after the credits roll. That the Angulos lived in plain sight, more or less, and yet completely under society’s radar makes the whole thing that much more impactful.

The Wolfpack is out now on DVD and available to purchase on the right-hand side of the page. 

The Wolfpack
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